Holiday Blues

Published by The Critograph on Nov. 9, 2016
Katherine Graves, Assistant Editor-

Lynchburg College’s Health and Counseling Center (HCC) is organizing an event called “Happy Holidays? A Talk about Depression and Suicide” that will take place Thursday, Nov. 17 at 6 p.m. in Pete’s Place on the first floor of the Drysdale Student Center.

One of the counselors from the Counseling Center, either Amy Scott or Administrative Director of HCC Services Tara Nunley, will put on a presentation about depression, suicide, why they are both concerns for college students and how both can be affected by the holidays. There may be a discussion, depending on who presents. Students can ask the speaker questions.

“It’s important because it’s something that touches everybody’s life in some way or the other, whether it’s a personal struggle, whether it’s a family or friend’s struggle or whether it’s a friend’s family or friend. Somehow it’s all interconnected,” said senior Karla Schooler, intern for LC’s HCC and the event’s organizer.

Schooler stated that she is organizing this event as a part of her internship with the Counseling Center this semester. Along with this event, Schooler organized two other events earlier in the semester and will organize one more event for the Counseling Center before the end of the semester.

At the first event called “What is Anxiety?” Emily Woody, another counselor at the Counseling Center, spoke about stress and the process of working through negative thoughts. Woody also gave out handouts on stress, anxiety, panic disorders and panic attacks, said Schooler.

Sherri Meyer, a nutritionist and dietitian who works at the Health Center, spoke at the second event called “Nutrition and Wellness with Sherri Meyer, M.S., R.D.” Meyer spoke about nutrition, exercise and how to balance that as a college student, Schooler stated.

The final event that Schooler is organizing for the Counseling Center is called “Stress Management: Mindfulness and Other Techniques” and will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 4 p.m. at Pete’s Place on the first floor of the Drysdale Student Center. At this event, a counselor will speak about mindfulness and stress management techniques, Schooler expressed. Students will also be able to color at the event, and students may take coloring pages with them from the event.

Schooler said that she decided the topics for each of these events by creating a survey with the SurveyMonkey website. She sent the survey out to students through the LC Health Services email.

Schooler stated that, in two hours, she had around 100 responses. After the website analyzed the data from her surveys, she chose topics that students showed the most interest in and organized events based on that information.

Schooler is a Communications Studies major, who works as a Resident Assistant and as a Latin tutor in the Modern Language Resource Center (MLRC). She said that she hopes to go to graduate school for counseling after graduating.

This event is Passport approved for first-years taking Freshman Seminar, GS 100, (as a part of GS 100, first-years must attend a certain number of Passport approved events). Students can bring their dinner with them to the event, Schooler stated.

For more information on the “Happy Holidays? A Talk about Depression and Suicide” event, students can find fliers made by Schooler on the LC Health and Counseling Center’s Twitter page or on the digital display screens in campus buildings.

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