Earth Day Clean-up

Published by The Critograph on April 19, 2017
Katherine Graves, Copy Desk Chief-

litter 1

Students pick up litter at a previous Big Litter Day. Photo provided by Chris Gibbons.

Students can join the “Love Where You Live” citywide clean-up event by picking up litter on and around campus on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 from noon to 2 p.m.

Students who want to participate in the event should come to the third floor of Drysdale Student Center around 11:45 a.m. Volunteers will be divided into groups, which will remain in their designated pick-up areas for the entirety of the event. Students can receive service hours for participating.

“When you’re serving other people or serving the earth, you’re actually serving yourself and learning from that experience,” said Chris Gibbons, the director of Community Involvement.

This event ensures that we have a cleaner city, and it shows students that everyone can make a difference and serve their community, stated Gibbons.

Some students will pick up litter around Lynchburg College’s basketball courts and the trails near College Lake, while others will be shuttled to pick up litter along Hill Street and Old Forest Road, Gibbons said.

“We try to make it convenient for students to do the litter pick up here around our campus,” stated Gibbons.

Students should dress comfortably in clothes they don’t mind getting dirty and closed-toe shoes, Gibbons expressed.

Volunteers will be given yellow caution vests to wear, bags to place litter in and water bottles, said Gibbons.

A student will be designated to look out for traffic for each group that is working along a street.

Previously, the event was called the Citywide March on Litter and was held in March. LC has partnered with the city for this event for five years, Gibbons said.

The Office of Community Involvement, OCI, assists the James River Advisory Council in picking up litter around the James River in the fall. OCI also organizes Big Litter Day, where students pick up litter around the Claytor Nature Study Center, stated Gibbons.

Students can pick up litter around campus at any time for service hours or simply because they want to, Gibbons expressed.

LC graduate Nels Erickson wrote a grant that provided the college with trash grabbers, vests and gloves that are available to students at any time. Gibbons said that, all students need to do to use them is contact OCI.

As a part of a project for one of his classes, Erickson and other students removed over 100 tires from Blackwater Creek, Gibbons stated.

The clean-up event is rain or shine, unless it’s thundering, said Gibbons.


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