Ota Benga Honored

Published by The Critograph on Sept. 13, 2017
Katherine Graves, Assistant Editor-

Animal kingdom

Ota Benga posed at the Bronx Zoo. Retrieved from The Encyclopedia of Virginia. Circa 1906.

Ota Benga, a man who was featured as “pygmy” in the St. Louis World’s Fair and later lived in Lynchburg, will receive a Virginia Historical Highway Marker at the corner of Lynchburg’s Garfield Avenue and Dewitt Street at the historic marker’s dedication ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 16.

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First Fridays Offers Local Flair

Published by The Critograph on Aug. 30, 2017
Katherine Graves, Assistant Editor-

Davana Robedee’s artwork “Revival.” 2014. Photo provided by Meg Einhorn.

This month’s First Fridays events on Sept. 1 will include multiple art exhibitions, a salsa party and book signings with live music in and around downtown Lynchburg.

First Fridays is a monthly assembly of events that are organized to encourage the public to spend their evening around the city, enjoying the local culture.

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Anti-Trump Protest in Progress

Published by The Critograph on May 3, 2017
Katherine Graves, Copy Desk Chief-

Bryan Pfeifer - Feb. 5 06

Protesters marched through downtown Lynchburg during the “No Ban, No Wall” protest, which the Seven Hills Progressive Society organized. Photo by Bryan Pfeifer. Feb. 5, 2017.

The “Trump’s Non-Welcoming Committee” anti-Trump protest will be held along Wards Road in Lynchburg in response to President Donald Trump giving the keynote address at Liberty University’s graduation on Saturday, May 13.

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Review: Venue Cinema

Published by The Critograph on Nov. 16, 2016
Katherine Graves, Assistant Editor-

movie 1

Graphic by Brittany Peck.

When Lynchburg’s only dollar theater, Cinemark Movies 10, closed a year ago, college students and anyone else who didn’t want to spend $10 or more to see a movie in a theater were left with few options other than Redbox and Netflix. With the opening of Venue Cinemas on Lakeside Drive, five minutes from the college, students can now see films for a maximum of only $3.

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Lynchburg Libertarians

Posted by The Critograph on Oct. 5, 2016
Katherine Graves, Assistant Editor-

If you don’t want to vote Democrat or Republican this presidential election, you have other options. The Lynchburg Libertarian Party is holding their monthly meeting, Lynchburg Libertarians October Happy Hour, on Monday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. at The White Hart on Main Street in downtown Lynchburg.

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